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Noun1.Musaceae - treelike tropical Asian herbsMusaceae - treelike tropical Asian herbs  
liliopsid family, monocot family - family of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
Musales, order Musales - tropical plants
genus Musa, Musa - type genus of the Musaceae: bananas
Ensete, genus Ensete - Old World tropical herbs: Abyssinian bananas
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The word banana is a general term embracing a number of species or hybrids of the genus Musa of the family of Musaceae, closely related to plantains.
Banana and Plantain: An Overview with Emphasis on Pacific Island Cultivars Musaceae (banana family).
She explains that the abaca, whose scientific name is musa textilis, is a member of the banana family, the Musaceae.
Brown, que crecen desde el S de China hasta Borneo; Musaceae, con 2 generos y 35 especies; Marantaceae, con 31 generos y unas 550 especies, predominantemente neotropicales; Strelitziaceae, con 3 generos y unas 7-8 especies de las regiones tropicales y sub-tropicales de America y Africa, y Zingiberaceae, la familia mas numerosa, con unos 50 generos y unas 1400 especies originarias del paleotropico (Indonesia y Malasia), introducidas o naturalizadas en Norteamerica, Mexico, Antillas, Mesoamerica, Sudamerica, Asia, Africa y Australia.
The highest number of species (8) were represented by families Asteraceae/Compositae and Malvaceae followed by Poaceae/Gramineae with seven (7) species, Euphorbiaceae and Fabaceae/Leguminosae with six (6) species, Lamiaceae/Labiatae and Solanaceae (including Solanum verbascifolium) with five (5) species, four (4) species in families Cucurbitaceae, Meliaceae, and Verbenaceae, and three (3) in families Annonaceae, Musaceae, Rubiaceae, and Rutaceae.
In Mexico, 16 species of commercially grown plants (some of which form entire genus) belonging to four families (Arecaceae, Heliconiaceae, Musaceae and Strelitziaceae) have been reported as hosts of the red palm mite (Senasica 2013).
Edible bananas and plantains (Musa cultivars) are not native to Africa, although the genus Ensete of the Musaceae family is considered native to the Ethiopian region, as well as regions eastward to New Guinea.
Arbol de la familia Musaceae (Musa paradisiaca, Musa sapientum); su fruto; homosexual, afeminado, termino ofensivo': del latin platanus 'arbol de familia Plantacea', del griego platanos 'idem', de platanistos 'nombre de una especie especifica de platanacea de Asia Menor (Platanus orientalis)', de platys 'ancho, extenso', en referencia a sus hojas, del PIE * plat 'extender', de * pele 'extenso, llano, plano'.