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Far more appealing than its real name of musca domestica.
In a comparative study of Cyfluthrin, Dimethoate, H-34 (neem fraction), Margosan-O, Nimolicine, and DDVP (organophosphate) on Musca domestica observed that OP pesticides were found more lethal than Pyrethroids and neem fractions, the order of effectiveness was found to be DDVP > dimethoate>Cyfluthrin> Margosan-OTM> nimolicine > H-34 [22].
Cyromazine resistance in a field strain of house flies, Musca domestica L.: Resistance risk assessment and bio-chemical mechanism.
The two fly species most commonly produced for animal feed are the black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens, and the house fly, Musca domestica (Pastor et al.
Musca domestica plays an important role in the transmission of many pathogens such as cholera, typhoid, trachoma, diarrhea, tuberculosis, salmonella and intestinal sedimentation (1).
chitiniclastica has also been isolated from the Chrysomya megacephala fly, and this species has been reported in Japan (2), and from from the Musca domestica housefly, which is widely distributed all over the world (3).
One of the insects that showed great potential is the house fly larvae (Musca domestica), containing between 32-60% of the protein in a dry base (Zuidhof et al., 2003; Villamil-Echeverry, 2005; Adesina et al., 2011).