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n.1.(Zool.) The common European dormouse; - so named from its odor.
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Ardigo M, Borroni G, Muscardin L, et al: Hypopigmented mycosis fungoides in Caucasian patients: A clinicopathologic study of 7 cases.
This included Vaccarese, Terret Noir, Muscardin, Cinsault, Picardin, Clairette and Bourboulenc.
When Donna Muscardin underwent chemotherapy last year, rather than focusing on her own problem, she chose to channel her energy into helping others.
Donna Muscardin for use of music to promote young people's sexual health, Foster/Taree Community Health Centre, NSW.
Muscardin, whose considerably darker AIDS drama "Days" showed an equally impressive control of layered tone, has woven a lavishly peopled tapestry that feels at home in both a Senegalese village and a Roman junkyard.
Like Ana Kokkinos (Head On) and Laura Muscardin (Bays), prodigious Anahi Berneri proves herself a female director with a sure eye for a gay man's dilemmas and inner dignity, and she's crafted a cagey, compelling AI DS portrait in the bargain.
REGIS (322-339-661) - Sean Free 74-77-151, Brian Free 75-82-157, Blake Muscardin 87-88-175, Sean Klosterman 86-92-178.
Under an agreement reached last year, the remaining varietals--Cinsaut, Clairette, Terret Noir, Muscardin, Vaccarese, Bourbelenc and Picardan--will be made available in the next few years.
PENDLETON - Blake Muscardin had 18 points and 10 rebounds, Nathan Keudell had 16 points and Drew Church had 10 assists to lead the Rams (23-3) in the championship game.
Days (Giorni) * Starring Thomas Trabacchi and Riccardo Salerno * Directed by Laura Muscardin * Picture This
PENDLETON - Blake Muscardin had 22 points and nine rebounds to lead the top-ranked Rams' semifinal win.