Muscari comosum

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Noun1.Muscari comosum - large beautiful Mediterranean species having sterile bluish-violet flowers with fringed corollas forming a tuft above the fertile flowers
grape hyacinth - any of various early flowering spring hyacinths native to Eurasia having dense spikes of rounded blue flowers resembling bunches of small grapes
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Plant regeneration through adventitious shoots and somatic embryos was achieved using different explant types, basal medium or growth regulators on similar and close relative Muscari and Bellevalia species Bellevalia romana (Lupi et al., 1985), Muscari armeniacum Leichtlin ex Baker (Suzuki and Nakano, 2001), Muscari comosum var.
Somatic embryogenesis from various parts of Muscari comosum var.
Muscari comosum is plant like as garlic that its root is only a big bulb.