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Noun1.Musci - true mosses: bryophytes having leafy rather than thalloid gametophytes: comprises orders AndreaealesMusci - true mosses: bryophytes having leafy rather than thalloid gametophytes: comprises orders Andreaeales; Bryales; Dicranales; Eubryales; Sphagnales
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
Bryophyta, division Bryophyta - a division of nonflowering plants characterized by rhizoids rather than true roots and having little or no organized vascular tissue and showing alternation of generations between gamete-bearing forms and spore-bearing forms; comprises true mosses (Bryopsida) and liverworts (Hepaticopsida) and hornworts (Anthoceropsida)
Andreaeales, order Andreaeales - comprises a single genus: Andreaea
Bryales, order Bryales - category used in some classification systems for mosses having the spore case separated from the capsule wall by a hollow intercellular space
Dicranales, order Dicranales - widely distributed order of mosses with erect gametophores and sporophytes at the tips of stems
Eubryales, order Eubryales - mosses with perennial erect gametophores and stems with rows of leaves and drooping capsules
order Sphagnales, Sphagnales - coextensive with the genus Sphagnum; in some classifications isolated in a separate subclass
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5 billion Golden 1 Credit Union of Sacramento promoted Richard Musci (pictured) from senior vice president and chief lending offer to executive vice president, chief products officer and Greg Brown from vice president of consumer lending to senior vice president, chief lending officer.
Floetics fusing poetry and musci performed during the First Year Anniversary of Dubai International Writers?
Paul Tinsley''$1,000Friends & Family of Johnson/Gamache Families$200Erin Rodriques '12$155Catherine Kormanski & Marge Mullins; Vanda & Tom Mullins$100"Ellen & Charles McCray, Rita Valentine my mother, Betty McCray, Lucile Layden & our pup, Pepper''$100"Grampy Joe & Nana; Wyatt, Eme & Van''$100Mary Tanacea; Robert & Annmarie Clem$100"Shirley Musci my mother, Priscilla Groves & Mark Derderian; Paul & Maria''$100Uncle Jack$100"Baby Andrew Spencer; Mom, Dad, Dana & Colin''$75"Fran Oliver; Dick, Mark & Matthew''$50Fred H.
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Rashelle Musci and colleagues from the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University in the US, those who experience depressive and anxious symptoms are often dissatisfied with their bodies and more likely to display binge eating behaviors.
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