Muscular Christian

one who believes in a part of religious duty to maintain a healthful and vigorous physical state.

See also: Muscular

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If he was a muscular Christian, it was quite without knowing it.
Nabeel, a muscular Christian fighter from Homs nicknamed "The Shameless One," said Iranian trainers repeatedly lectured against looting, a crime widely committed by fighters on both sides.
Between the antisemitic vision of the effeminate Jew and the normative muscular Christian, they saw a gentle and sympathetic Jewish man.
Bush's muscular democratism, tailored to conform to his equally muscular Christian evangelism.
This article examines the wartime relationship between these two groups and argues that, in an ironic turn, American soldiers used muscular Christian ideas and images--ideas and images of which Protestant and Catholic clergy were the primary developers and traffickers--to critique and marginalize chaplains and, more generally, to re-imagine religious authority in ways that placed soldiers beyond reproach.
The detailed close readings are organized around four allegorical figures who were repeatedly used to personify the Canadian nation: the Loyalist brother, the enterprising Scottish orphan, the muscular Christian, and the maturing colonial son.
There you will find Teddy Roosevelt, president, police commissioner, muscular Christian, reformer, trust-buster, Nobel Prize winner, political blunderer, big game hunter, conservationist, founder of the Progressive Party, foolhardy adventurer, a man who never really grew up.
With a sword in one hand and Bible in the other, General Orde Charles Wingate was probably the most effective muscular Christian since Oliver Cromwell.
Thus, though George MacDonald is not ordinarily thought of as a muscular Christian, John Pennington reminds us that, like Kingsley, he was close to F.
Coleman explores four of the most prevalent ones: the Loyalist Brother, men who fled north during the American Revolution in order to remain part of civilized Britain, the Enterprising Scottish Orphan, those plucky young immigrants who moved from the bottom to the top of society through their own resourcefulness in amassing a fortune in Canada, the Muscular Christian, the Protestant on the frontier, tilling virgin soil and bringing civility to the west through benevolent paternalism and lastly, an outgrowth of the Muscular Christian, the maturing Colonial Son, a Canada free of British political ties and prepared to demonstrate how a civil nation behaves to immigrants, refugees and the less-fortunate among them.
It was the muscular Christian ethic inspired by Dr Thomas Arnold at Rugby School that produced the Victorians who created the British Empire.
Like most Christians of his time, Connor believed that Muscular Christians needed to physically demonstrate masculinity through bodily acts, rather than just through theological beliefs.
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