Muscular Christian

one who believes in a part of religious duty to maintain a healthful and vigorous physical state.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He appeared to possess that kind of health and strength which, when found in perfection, are the most impressive--the physical capital which the owner does nothing to "keep up." If he was a muscular Christian, it was quite without knowing it.
(2) Courtney van Waas, "Muscular Christian Edmonton: The Story of the Edmonton Young Men's Christian Association 1898-1920" Masters Thesis, University of Western Ontario, 2015, Western University Thesis and Dissertation Repository (2874).
Nabeel, a muscular Christian fighter from Homs nicknamed "The Shameless One," said Iranian trainers repeatedly lectured against looting, a crime widely committed by fighters on both sides.
Between the antisemitic vision of the effeminate Jew and the normative muscular Christian, they saw a gentle and sympathetic Jewish man.
Bush's muscular democratism, tailored to conform to his equally muscular Christian evangelism.
This article examines the wartime relationship between these two groups and argues that, in an ironic turn, American soldiers used muscular Christian ideas and images--ideas and images of which Protestant and Catholic clergy were the primary developers and traffickers--to critique and marginalize chaplains and, more generally, to re-imagine religious authority in ways that placed soldiers beyond reproach.
The detailed close readings are organized around four allegorical figures who were repeatedly used to personify the Canadian nation: the Loyalist brother, the enterprising Scottish orphan, the muscular Christian, and the maturing colonial son.
The muscular Christian ideology that had gained momentum in Australia from the 1870s, that athleticism and involvement in sport helped prepare individuals for higher duties and produced great expressions of manliness, began translating itself into a significant concrete form from 1914.
Turn to page 241 in your American Heritage Dictionary and find the illustration for the word "caricature." There you will find Teddy Roosevelt, president, police commissioner, muscular Christian, reformer, trust-buster, Nobel Prize winner, political blunderer, big game hunter, conservationist, founder of the Progressive Party, foolhardy adventurer, a man who never really grew up.
MUSCULAR CHRISTIAN: Dailly takes the ball off the toes of Sunderland's Kevin Kyle at the Stadium of Light during West Ham's 2-0 defeat
Taking that concept a stage further, it was argued that the association should provide "muscular Christian teachers" to reach out to local boys through sports, and then impart the Christian message.
With a sword in one hand and Bible in the other, General Orde Charles Wingate was probably the most effective muscular Christian since Oliver Cromwell.
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