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Pain or tenderness in one or more muscles.

my·al′gic (-jĭk) adj.
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(Pathology) pain in a muscle or a group of muscles
[C19: from myo- + -algia]
myˈalgic adj
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(maɪˈæl dʒi ə, -dʒə)

pain in the muscles; muscular rheumatism.
my•al′gic, adj.
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Noun1.myalgia - pain in a muscle or group of muscles
hurting, pain - a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder; "the patient developed severe pain and distension"
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[maɪˈældʒɪə] Nmialgia f
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n. mialgia, dolor muscular.
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n mialgia
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Signs and symptoms typically start between two days and three weeks after contracting the virus with a fever, sore throat, muscular pain, and headaches.
Residents at the Watling Street estate in Motherwell have suffered illnesses including muscular pain, severe headaches, nose bleeds and bowel problems which they say is due to living there.
EASE AWAY THE ACHES AND PAINS ARNICA has long been used as a natural remedy for bruising, but did you know its antiinflammatory effects could also help ease more long-term muscular pain, aches and stiffness?
Along with respiratory illness, it is also known to cause fever, muscular pain, headache, fever, dizziness, and nausea.
| ARNICA has long been used as a natural remedy for bruising but its antiinflammatory effects can also help ease more long-term muscular pain, aches and stiffness?
It also helps to stimulate the immune system, reduce physical and muscular pain, lowers blood pressure and relieves rheumatism and joint pain.
Linda's book "Turn Pain Off" is a professional home self-help book about muscular pain. It illustrates and explains about trigger points causing pain and describes how to find and release them to ease your pain.
Available duty doctor did not pay much attention to the patient and said to patient that it seemed muscular pain and injected pain killer owing to which the patient got temporary relief.
Stings from these box jellyfish -- which can be smaller than a fingernail -- can cause acute muscular pain, violent vomiting, feelings of "impending doom", hair that stands on end, strokes, heart failure and death within minutes.
ISLAMABAD -- Prevailing cold and dry weather has resulted rise in the number of patients with having diseases of fever, breathing complications, joints and muscular pain.
Proximal muscle weakness, muscular pain on exercise, pseudohypertrophy due to muscle edema, decreased deep tendon reflexes, and stiffening in muscles are seen in hypothyroidism myopathy (1).
* Muscular pain. This is the most-common finding in people with jaw-joint problems and largely is responsible for the pain associated with many headaches.

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