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n. muscularis, capa muscular de un órgano.
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T1 bladder carcinoma: prognostic value of the muscularis mucosae invasion (T1a/T1b): a multicenter study by the French Urological Association (CCAFU) [in French].
Thus, the area surveyed for assessing changes in the inflammatory cell content must be adjusted to compensate for altered volumes of distribution (76), as we did by using an external reference area (104 [micro][m.sup.2]) of the muscularis mucosae. The absolute values for any cell type(s) under investigation can be obtained in this manner and be usefully deployed in comparative work.
All the serrated lesions of the histopathologic specimen database of our hospitals between January 2014 and May 2018 were reassessed and reclassified into three subtypes: HP, SSA/P, and TSA using the WHO criteria.9,10 The defining pathological feature of HP is a sawtooth pattern of epithelial infolding in the upper half of the crypt with a lack of cytologic dysplasia.11 The typical SSA/P has the "boot", "L", or "anchor" shaped crypts over the muscularis mucosae, serration in the lower third of the crypts with and without branching of the crypts, inverted crypts under the muscularis mucosae, and columnar dilation in the lower third.12 These crypts may appear dilated and/or branched, particularly in the horizontal plane.
The gastric polyp was also found to have abnormal (resembling neoplastic) growth in muscularis mucosae where smooth muscle fibers followed the growth of exophytic gastric pits.
Microscopically, the cylindrical polyp had a three-layer structure, with a mucosal surface covering the large bowel mucosa, mutilated muscularis mucosae, and submucosa in the stalk.
The existence of an oblique muscular layer in the pirarucu stomach should enhance mucosal fold movements, thereby enabling increased efficiency in mixing food with gastric juices, similar to the function attributed to the muscularis mucosae (Albrecht et al.).
The muscularis mucosae and tunica adventitia were sutured in second layer, with knots placed outside.This was followed by subcutaneous and skin sutures following standard protocols.
Microscopically, foamy macrophages are generally confined to the lamina propria mucosae of the colorectum; the muscularis mucosae or submucosa is rarely affected.
The muscularis mucosae allow local movements of the mucosa independent of other movement of the digestive tract, increasing contact of the lining epithelium with food.
Epithelium Lamina propria Fundic part of Keratinized stratified Loose connective tissue stomach squamous epithelium separating the muscularis mucosae from epithelium, no glands, small capillaries Body of stomach The mucous membrane is Loose connective tissue folded to form gastric with cores of it entering pits.
However, dietary treatments did not differ significantly in terms of jejunal and ilealmorphology data (villus height and width, crypt depth, villus height/crypt depth ratio, crypt area, and muscularis mucosae thickness).