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n. muscularis, capa muscular de un órgano.
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Microscopically, the cylindrical polyp had a three-layer structure, with a mucosal surface covering the large bowel mucosa, mutilated muscularis mucosae, and submucosa in the stalk.
The existence of an oblique muscular layer in the pirarucu stomach should enhance mucosal fold movements, thereby enabling increased efficiency in mixing food with gastric juices, similar to the function attributed to the muscularis mucosae (Albrecht et al.
The muscularis mucosae allow local movements of the mucosa independent of other movement of the digestive tract, increasing contact of the lining epithelium with food.
Blood one another and at right vessels and capillaries angles to the surface frequent the lamina propria Muscularis mucosae Fundic part of The nuclei of the cells are vesicular stomach and elongated.
For instance, those in the rectum are likely to have large bundles of smooth muscle extending into the base from the muscularis mucosae, a change often considered to be a manifestation of prolapse, yet it is very difficult to understand why a tiny polyp should undergo prolapse changes.
However, dietary treatments did not differ significantly in terms of jejunal and ilealmorphology data (villus height and width, crypt depth, villus height/crypt depth ratio, crypt area, and muscularis mucosae thickness).
Pathology revealed a low-grade papillary urothelial neoplasm with no definite invasion into the muscularis mucosae.
Flowever, yersiniosis is not associated with chronic mucosal changes as mucosal cobblestoning, thick muscularis mucosae, neural hyperplasia and crypt distortion.
The gastrointestinal polyps in PJS are hamartomatous polyps and the characteristic histologic finding is a smooth muscle core arising from muscularis mucosae which branches into the substance of polyp.
It recommends that at least five biopsy specimens (two from the greater and lesser curvatures of the corpus, one from the incisura angularis and two from the larger and lesser curvatures of the antrum) with mucosa and muscularis mucosae represented in each biopsy be evaluated.
These glands are permeated by collagen and smooth muscle fibers that are organized to form the muscularis mucosae.
This mucosal regeneration may lead to hypertrophy of the muscularis mucosae.