n.1.(Mil.) A long movable shed used by besiegers in ancient times in attacking the walls of a fortified town.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Clinically, it is difficult to evaluate whether injections are within the SAT or in the muscle.1 Muscule tissue has a richer vascular structure than SAT, so drugs injected into the muscle are absorbed better, and therefore, the bioavailability of drugs injected into muscle is better than with subcutaneous injections.
The role of the levator ani muscule in evacuation sexual performance and pelvic floor disorders.
Further investigation in regard to reductions in visits is suggested such as combining the instruction for pelvic floor muscule exercise training and urge suppression strategies into one session.
After 3 months, because the patient had severe ataxia and loss of sphincter control, neuromuscular biopsy was performed and showed nonspecific signs of neurogenic muscular atrophy but no signs of vasculitis in either muscule or nerve specimens.
Trunk muscule strength in relation to balance and functional disability in unihemispheric stroke patients.
BALON, T., NADLER, J., 1994, Nitric oxide release is present from incubated skeletal muscule preperations.
Sulikowski said the ( plastic was wrapped around the shark's gills and was cutting through its skin and into creature's muscules. "We do not know for sure where the plastic came from, but it appears to be similar to that found around commercial fish bait boxes," he said.
The fruit juice is used in gonorrhoea and pain in muscules [3].
During the avarage and heavy intense exercise, the rate of the appearence of the glucose is more than the rate of glucose which muscules has used and this situation causes the increase in blood glucose concentartion (J.A.