n.1.A small hole or gap through which a wild animal passes; a muse.
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"Isidore Muset, gendarme, deposes that he was called to the house about three o'clock in the morning, and found some twenty or thirty persons at the gateway, endeavoring to gain admittance.
Muset, A.: Catalunya i el mercat espanol al segle XVIII: els traginers y els negociants de Calaf y Copons, Barcelona, Abat Oliba, 1997.
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High modality was predominant, with frequent use of words such as muset (must) or povinen (obliged to) (Table 5).
Konzervovn bude muset bt vedeno snahou o ponechn co nejvetho mnostv puvodnho materilu apod.
KARACHI -- Five ships C.V CMA CGM Muset, C.V MSC Damla, M.T N Shalamar, M.T Prosperity and M.V Gloden wish carrying containers, furnace oil, palm oil and seeds were arranged berthing at Qasim International Container Terminal, FOTCO Oil Terminal, Liquid Cargo Terminal and Grain and Fertilizer Terminal respectively on Monday.
Francesc Alameda, MD, PhD; Leia Garrote, MD; Sergi Mojal, PhD; Carlos Sousa, MSc; Merce Muset, PhD; Belen LLoveras, MD, PhD; Beatriz Bellosillo, PhD; Concecao Saldanha, PhD; Ramon Carreras, MD, PhD; Sergi Serrano, MD, PhD
As well, he was very conscious of the influence of the Spanish priest-musician, Father Joseph Muset who spent the war years at Manly while unable to return to his native Spain.
S nastupem agresivnich VNSAs se toto dramaticky meni; jestlize ti povazuji stat za korist, tak ten se bude muset zacit rozhodne branit.
Eccles The Performance Measurement Manifesto [11], ve kterem konstatoval, ze rada manazeru zmenila ci bude muset zmenit system k mereni vykonnosti jejich podniku, protoze nove pozadavky konkurencniho prostredi vyzaduji zmenu i v mereni a rizeni vykonnosti.
Instead, when he was taken by ambulance to Heartlands Hospital on October 8, 2008, by his father Nasserulddin Muset, after a 36-hour-long bout of vomiting, he was left without proper medical attention for up to six hours.
This edition was printed prior to Bedier's defense of his doctoral theses in 1893; his complementary thesis, in Latin, was devoted to a study and edition of the poetry of Colin Muset.