Mushroom spawn

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It includes organic plant-based soil, oyster mushroom spawn, spray mister and a bonus: heirloom tomato seeds to grow with your composter mushroom kit.
Chung Ki Whan, project manager, said the QIADP consists of six components such as farm to market road construction, feed mill construction, agroforestry development, providing agricultural credit, and mushroom spawn production, and capacity building.
If you have a particularly moist, shady area, you might want to inoculate the mulch with oyster mushroom spawn.
They also get good compost and mushroom spawn here at this farm.
Inoculated with oyster mushroom spawn, the logs are handled just like those used to grow shiitake (described below), but oyster mushrooms are faster to fruit.
They collect hundreds of kilos of spent coffee grounds each week and mix them by hand with their own-grown quality mushroom spawn to create the simplest, and in my opinion, most reliable mushroom grow kit around.
Using these grains provides an ecologically sound, all-natural solution to introducing mushroom spawn to the substrate-filled growing beds.
It also has the mushroom spawn, a coarse straw-like compost and a bag of casing, a mixture of peat and chalk or peat and lime.
The dowels have been impregnated with the mushroom spawn may be inserted into the holes with a few taps of a hammer.