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 (myo͞o′zē-əl), Stanley Frank Known as "Stan the Man." 1920-2013.
American baseball player who as an outfielder and first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals (1941-1963) accrued a lifetime batting average of .331 and hit 475 home runs and 3,630 base hits.
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Noun1.Musial - United States baseball player (born in 1920)
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Also, the commissioner's office, surveying the "living team" selection of George Sisler at first base prior to the public announcement, unilaterally added Stan Musial and labeled it a tie.
* Nancy Musial, associate director, based in Fort Lauderdale, will lead the Condominium practice service team, overseeing client relationships.
Hard Returns," author Bob Musial, principal of StreetSmart Business Development, LLC, and 40-year business development, sales, marketing and communications veteran, provides strategic "point and click" advice with practical tips on the effective and persuasive uses of interpersonal skills like communication, collaboration, analyzation, problem resolution, leadership, adaptability, and innovation encountered in everyday-business situations.
The Krzysztof Musial Collection is one clearly based on encounters with the island and its culture, and from that basis the collector has accumulated works that are both new and old, representative of the known history of Balinese art, but also of the most recent developments in the style of Bali.
Musial, JNC Chair, Musial & Musial, 923 Del Prado Blvd.
Museum Road for the 7.9-acre Musial Auto Sales project adjoining the northside of the Crain Kia dealership at 810 S.
* The Musial Group Architecture, received a merit award for their work on Garwood Athletic Complex
Last week we exposed "matchmaker" Marta Musial who rakes in a fortune for arranging sham marriages enabling Asian men to stay illegally in Britain.
Marta Musial is the 'Mrs Big' behind a scam that offers up brides from her native Poland to foreign men living here on temporary visas, according to an investigation by the Sunday Mirror.
But the hosts and their supporters were furious with Polish referee Tomasz Musial for awarding a controversial second-half penalty just when the Saints were really knuckling down to chase the game.
Musial says the firm works with onshore and offshore fields, maps ground conditions, and measures the potential for thawing.
German researcher Frauke Musial, PhD, said, "I believe that the most important thing we can do in training other people to conduct whole-systems research is to broaden the attention to cover points to which they were not trained to be attentive."