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Melody, introspection and musical color frame this lissome triad.
And in CROWNS OF DUB, 1983, more hatted heads are clustered together, their diverse hues also hinting at musical color. Towering speaker cabinets make frequent appearances, further reminding us of the centrality of sound to such get-togethers.
The understanding of the underlying musical color given by the piano, along with the complexity of the text, is very important in drawing out the sincerity and truth of this Schubert cycle.'
Musical color, that is, Rachev said with considerable arm waving.
What could be used to accommodate, by equally simple means, musical color? Patterns.
According to Suskin, orchestrators can be of various types: their roles may involve working with instrumentation and voices, dealing with musical color, composing when necessary, knowing exactly who is singing a piece and for whom the music was written, and assuming the responsibility of making the performer(s) look good.