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Noun1.musical composition - a musical work that has been createdmusical composition - a musical work that has been created; "the composition is written in four movements"
morceau - a short literary or musical composition
sheet music - a musical composition in printed or written form; "she turned the pages of the music as he played"
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
musical arrangement, arrangement - a piece of music that has been adapted for performance by a particular set of voices or instruments
realisation, realization - a musical composition that has been completed or enriched by someone other than the composer
coda, finale - the closing section of a musical composition
intermezzo - a short piece of instrumental music composed for performance between acts of a drama or opera
allegro - a musical composition or musical passage to be performed quickly in a brisk lively manner
allegretto - a musical composition or musical passage to be performed at a somewhat quicker tempo than andante but not as fast as allegro
andante - a musical composition or musical passage to be performed moderately slow
introit - a composition of vocal music that is appropriate for opening church services
solo - a musical composition for one voice or instrument (with or without accompaniment)
duette, duo, duet - a musical composition for two performers
trio - a musical composition for three performers
quartette, quartet - a musical composition for four performers
quintet, quintette - a musical composition for five performers
sextet, sextette, sestet - a musical composition written for six performers
septette, septet - a musical composition written for seven performers
octette, octet - a musical composition written for eight performers
bagatelle - a light piece of music for piano
divertimento, serenade - a musical composition in several movements; has no fixed form
canon - a contrapuntal piece of music in which a melody in one part is imitated exactly in other parts
etude - a short composition for a solo instrument; intended as an exercise or to demonstrate technical virtuosity
idyl, pastoral, pastorale, idyll - a musical composition that evokes rural life
toccata - a baroque musical composition (usually for a keyboard instrument) with full chords and rapid elaborate runs in a rhythmically free style
fantasia - a musical composition of a free form usually incorporating several familiar themes
musical passage, passage - a short section of a musical composition
movement - a major self-contained part of a symphony or sonata; "the second movement is slow and melodic"
largo - (music) a composition or passage that is to be performed in a slow and dignified manner
larghetto - (music) a composition or passage played in a slow tempo slightly faster than largo but slower than adagio
suite - a musical composition of several movements only loosely connected
symphonic poem, tone poem - an orchestral composition based on literature or folk tales
medley, pastiche, potpourri - a musical composition consisting of a series of songs or other musical pieces from various sources
nocturne, notturno - a pensive lyrical piece of music (especially for the piano)
adagio - (music) a composition played in adagio tempo (slowly and gracefully); "they played the adagio too quickly"
song, vocal - a short musical composition with words; "a successful musical must have at least three good songs"
study - a composition intended to develop one aspect of the performer's technique; "a study in spiccato bowing"
capriccio - an instrumental composition that doesn't adhere to rules for any specific musical form and is played with improvisation
motet - an unaccompanied choral composition with sacred lyrics; intended to be sung as part of a church service; originated in the 13th century
program music, programme music - musical compositions intended to evoke images or remind the listener of events
incidental music - music composed to accompany the action of a drama or to fill intervals between scenes
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In March 2014, the same month that the Copyright Office launched its music-licensing study, (46) the District Court for the Southern District of New York conducted a closely watched rate-setting proceeding over musical work license fees.
In all these circumstances a musical work created earlier has to be re-presented/re-produced/ re-performed or repeated in a different or in the same environment/context (both location and time) to where, when and how including by whom (this can be same performer/s or different performer/s) it was presented originally.
Section 101 does not define a "musical work" (5) and as a
Second, the musical work does not depend on any one medium for its existence.
The musical showcase will also feature Dubai-based composer Joanna Marsh and the Dubai premiere of her powerful musical work Kahayla.
(13) Budd argues that the judgment that a musical phrase sounds melancholy is purely descriptive: one aspect of understanding a particular musical work is knowing how the work should sound in performance, extramusical concepts are integral to the experience of listening to music with understanding, and musical analysis should explain what the relationships among events in a particular musical work are.
These fourteen essays include how much we know about Jutta and Hildegard at Disibodeberg and Rupertsberg, reform in Germany from 1080 to 1180, Elisabeth of Schonan, the schools and the critiques, claims to Hildegard's prophetic authority, Hildegard's musical work uncovered, musical hagiography, the theory of repentance, medical magical miracles, and the history of reception of Hildegard of Bingen, Particularly interesting are the notes on Hildegard's unknown, private language and writing.
Charles Seeger (1966), by comparing music to language, realizes the difference between music and a musical work, which can be understood as two different levels of music.
Louis for the creation of new musical work. As executive director Jack Lane notes, "The majority of the great Broadway musicals of the past two decades were created outside of New York.
Who composed the musical work The Carnival Of The Animals?
Clear identification and display of information regarding the musical work (6) is important to users.
The Queen and Duke had arrived at Victoria Station before moving on to the new hospital complex where they met staff and patients and listened to a specially commissioned musical work by the Royal Northern College of Music.