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or musk′ ox`,

n., pl. -ox•en.
a large bovid, Ovibos moschatus, of arctic regions of North America and Greenland, with shaggy fur and horns that curve downward.
[1735–45; so called from its odor]
bœuf musqué
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Later, they would go south into Baffin Land after the reindeer, and to get their year's store of salmon from the hundreds of streams and lakes of the interior; coming back north in September or October for the musk-ox hunting and the regular winter sealery.
He was a good seal-dog, and would keep a musk-ox at bay by running round him and snapping at his heels.
The tribe lost a couple of their best hunters, who were badly crippled in a fight with a musk-ox, and this threw more work on the others.
When he was out on the snow he barked furiously, as though on the trail of a musk-ox, and, barking and leaping and frisking, passed out of sight.
Amoraq jumped from the bench where she sat, and began to sweep things into the girl's lap--stone lamps, iron skin-scrapers, tin kettles, deer- skins embroidered with musk-ox teeth, and real canvas-needles such as sailors use--the finest dowry that has ever been given on the far edge of the Arctic Circle, and the girl from the North bowed her head down to the very floor.
Contract award notice: Health monitoring of deer and musk-ox.
With such enticing names as knuckle hop, two foot high kick and musk-ox push, children will be eager to practise these moves.
Redzepi's culinary epiphany came while he was hunting for musk-ox in Greenland, the temperature a frigid 55 below zero.
The favourite story of this reviewer is "The Murphys of Musk-Ox Lake.
The cool colors and soft lines of Fernandes' paintings are a perfect complement to poems about walruses, whales, and musk-ox.
One remaining wild musk-ox herd shelters its young in proud circles, with horns out to intruders.
Dom Mee, aged 32, from West Buckland, Somerset, was trapped for three days by pack-ice, seriously injured when a musk-ox attacked him, and endured an 'epic trek across mountains and lakes' during his three-week expedition.