Adirondack chair

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Ad·i·ron·dack chair

An outdoor armchair having an angled back and seat made of wide, usually wooden slats.
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* An oversized replica Muskoka chair at Lions Park, Paris was damaged and in several pieces when police arrived to investigate.
It has an indoor lake and dock, complete with a Muskoka chair and the soothing sounds of calling loons, will be built to give visiting journalists a taste of Canadian cottage country.
Recycled Icon Known as the Muskoka chair in Canada, the 104-year-old Adirondack chair's newest iteration ($330) is weatherproof, Florida-hued and made in Ontario of recycled plastic bottles.
Ord also joins Susan Feathers and Carol Sherman for Yoga in a Muskoka Chair: A Guide for Everyone, and has two novels on his own account.
It's a battle of aesthetics and culture, property values and subsistence, of Muskoka chairs and an Indigenous pilaf.