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Noun1.Muslimah - a Muslim woman
Moslem, Muslim - a believer in or follower of Islam
niqaabi - an observant Muslim woman who covers her face and hands when in public or in the presence of any man outside her immediate family
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She was also an obedient wife, and also known for her piety and generosity as a Muslimah.
Aliah Dimaporo Cimafranca (who made modest Muslimah more fashionable), Kaayo founder Marga Nograles, socialite Ching Cruz and lawyer Cristine Garcia all wore custom Inaul ball skirts handwoven by Maguindanao women.
Among the programmes which would be held include Young People Talk, Executive Talk, Friday Sermon, Muslimah Talk, Appreciation of Wukuf Day, and the peak programme, Unity of Muslims, Premier Oratory.
Some of the prominent companies that manufacture Halal hair care products along with other Halal based cosmetics companies are The Halal Cosmetic Company, Amara Cosmetics, MMA Bio Lab, Inika, Martha Tilhar Group, SirehEmas, Clara International, Ivy Beauty, OnePure, Ethical Beauty, and Muslimah Manufacturing.
There is a series of dress items Muslim women are compelled to wear, like niqaab, abaya, chador, sheila, purda and muslimah, with several variations in covering the body, including the face.
I cannot even force a Muslimah (Muslim woman) to wear it; the best I can do is advise her.
They joined forces with the Dubai team to sew Eid clothes for the Tawakkul Muslimah Foundation in South Africa.
May ALLAH SWT bless whole Umat e Muslimah's parents with His endless bounties and those who died will have highest place in Jannat Ul Firdous.
This is way of celebrating and being a happy and proud Muslimah," said South African expat Laaiqah Carreno, who embraced Islam in January 2018.
Muslim Women in Britain: De-mystifying the Muslimah: exploring different perceptions of young Muslim women in Britain, London: Routledge.