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(French mysɛ)
(Biography) Alfred de (alfrɛd də). 1810–57, French romantic poet and dramatist: his works include the play Lorenzaccio (1834) and the lyrics Les Nuits (1835–37), tracing his love affair with George Sand



n. (Louis Charles) Alfred de,
1810–57, French poet, playwright, and novelist.
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Noun1.Musset - French poet and writer (1810-1857)
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It was so, I said to myself, Alfred de Musset used to sit and sip his absinthe before a fascinated world.
Why, you read about them in Murger, in Musset, in Balzac, and in Flaubert; and the fact of your having read about them is, I may add, their chief importance.
She read a great deal, and almost always French books, in fresh yellow paper; not the lighter forms of that literature, but a volume of Sainte-Beuve, of Renan or at the most, in the way of dissipation, of Alfred de Musset. She took frequent exercise and almost always walked alone, apparently not having made many friends on the ship and being without the resource of her parents, who, as has been related, never budged out of the cosy corner in which she planted them for the day.
In Ladies Almanack, Evangeline Musset, "developed in the Womb of her most gentle Mother to be a Boy" (7), approximates the sexological accounts, dominant in the twenties, of female homosexuality as innate gender inversion - the precursor to the genetic argument, as it were.
Leonce und Lena (1838), a satire on the nebulous nature of Romantic ideas, shows the influence of Alfred de Musset and Clemens Brentano.
During the Bosnian conflict, a group of actors travels to Sarajevo to perform Musset's One Must Not Play at Love; on the way there, they are captured by soldiers and end up in a mass grave.
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Though Angela had pulled down her copy of Musset often enough to know passages of its text by heart, she apparently has never used the cover titles of her books as verbal ammunition, nor has Emile.
In the case of Godot, this study asserts the overriding influence of Flaubert's La Tentation de Saint Antoine, Balzac's Le Faiseur, and Musset' Croisilles.
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League secretary Colin Musset said: "There was a bit of mild concern at one stage.