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 (mə-zôrg′skē, -sôrg′-, mo͞o′sərg-), Modest Petrovich 1839-1881.
Russian composer whose works include the opera Boris Godunov and the piano suite Pictures at an Exhibition (both 1874).


(mʊˈsɔːɡskɪ; Russian ˈmusərkskij) or


(Biography) Modest Petrovich (maˈdɛst pɪˈtrɔvitʃ). 1839–81, Russian composer. He translated inflections of speech into melody in such works as the song cycle Songs and Dances of Death (1875–77) and the opera Boris Godunov (1874). His other works include Pictures at an Exhibition (1874) for piano


(mʊˈsɔrg ski, -ˈzɔrg-)

Modest Petrovich, 1839–81, Russian composer.
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Noun1.Mussorgsky - Russian composer of operas and orchestral works (1839-1881)Mussorgsky - Russian composer of operas and orchestral works (1839-1881)
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Between these two came three Preludes by Hans Gal, a refugee from the Nazis who settled in Scotland, and whose music as evidenced here, despite influences as disparate as Mussorgsky and Brahms, has nevertheless a definite personality of its own.
The trio will perform pieces by composers such as Modest Mussorgsky, Anton Bruckner and Franz Schubert at Bin Hamoodah Fort in Al Ain on November 9 for the show, When Art Meets Music.
The Pallas theatre will fill with the sounds created by Robert Schumann, Nicolas Economou and Modest Mussorgsky on Friday during a concert by pianist Yiannis Georgiou.
1860: On St John's Eve, Mussorgsky completed St John's Night On A Bare Mountain.
The Mussorgsky consists of a musical perambulation around an art exhibition, responding in highly diverse ways to a highly diverse sequence of pictures.
Which Russian tsar was the subject of a play by Pushkin on which Mussorgsky based a famous opera?
This continuation of the three-part series on Russian art song that began with Glinka and Dargomyzhsky resumes with Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky.
During the workshop, the participants were given the opportunity to rehearse and perform specially created arrangements of famous pieces of classical music: The Firebird Suite - Finale by Igor Stravinsky and A Night on the Bare Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky.
Mikhailov's repertory includes works by Bach, Scarlatti, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Grieg, Debussy, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, and modern authors.
Allegro Assai by Modest Mussorgsky, arranged for brass quintet by J.
This informative and fun evening is perfect for both newcomers to opera and experts of the genre alike, and Wheatley will be joined onstage by his soprano wife Bridgett Gill as they explore arias and duets by Handel, Mozart, Puccini, Verdi, Mussorgsky and many more.
Semiquavers chase each other as children''s highpitched voices argue in the Tuileries gardens, the woodwind wobble along excitedly as a Ballet of Chicks in their Shells, and a witch''s hut dances on chicken''s legs in an explosive penultimate movement that proves Mussorgsky had no need to live by his first name.