n.1.(Zool.) A small tufted monkey.
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The court in Munich found Croats Josip Perkovic, 71, and Zdravko Mustac, 74, who were top officials in the communist-era Yugoslav secret service, guilty of complicity in the murder of Stjepan Durekovic, also a Croat.
Croatia extradited Perkovic and Mustac in 2014, under pressure from Germany.
These characters has also been widely used as a powerful technique for the determination of morphological relationships between the population of a species and for identifying fish stocks and describing their spatial distributions (Turan, 2004; Mustac and Sinovcic, 2010; Ivankovic et al.
55) SAT is not a court but an administrative tribunal, even when constituted by a judicial member: Mustac v Medical Board of Western Australia [2007] WASCA 28, [48]; Hartwig v Builders' Registration Board of Western Australia [2009] WASCA 138, [26].
introducidos], ligeramente inferior a un sistema similar denominado MUSTAC (Han et al.
25 [+ o -] 1[grados]C RANMAL-RE Escala piloto, reactor 111 NR NR 1 empacado con RSU de diferentes partes de Belo Horizonte-Brasil, con recirculacion de lixiviado tratado y enriquecido con inoculo proveniente de un RANMAL MUSTAC Escala piloto, combina >8 84,9 0,270 5 sistema batch de secuencia y digestion.