Mustela erminea

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Noun1.Mustela erminea - mustelid of northern hemisphere in its white winter coatMustela erminea - mustelid of northern hemisphere in its white winter coat
weasel - small carnivorous mammal with short legs and elongated body and neck
stoat - the ermine in its brown summer coat with black-tipped tail
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(2008) Morphometric criteria for distinguishing species and age-cohorts of Ermine (Mustela erminea) and long-tailed weasel (M.
Helminth parasitism in martens (Martes americana) and ermines (Mustela erminea) from Washington, with comments on the distribution of Trichinella spiralis.
2017) where gamekeepers controlled corvid species, red fox Vulpes vulpes, stoat Mustela erminea and weasel Mustela nivalis (Hudson and Newborn 1995).
55 1.9 European badger Meles meles 41 1.4 stoat Mustela erminea 7 0.2 least weasel Mustela nivalis 62 2.2 common polecat Mustela putorius 7 0.2 red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris 56 2.0 small rodents Rodentia 73 2.6 mole Talpa europea 4 0.1 hedgehog Erinaceus sp.
Mae gan nifer o rywogaethau got wahanol yn y gwahanol dymhorau, fel y carlwm (Mustela erminea; Stoat) sy'n newid lliw ei ffwr o frown i wyn yn y gaeaf ac eithrio blaen du'r gynffon, a'r geinach neu'r sgwarnog fynydd (Lepus timidus; Mountain hare/Iris hare) Dull arall mae anifail yn medru ei ddefnyddio i dwyllo ysglyfaethwyr a phrae ydi drwy gael patrwm o liwiau golau a thywyll ar ei gorff.
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Stoats (Mustela erminea) used some boxes (1/40 in 2010 and 4/40 in 2011) to store lemmings they had killed in the surrounding area or, in one case, the lemmings occupying a nest built inside a box.
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In New Zealand, the introduced stoat (Mustela erminea) threatens native fauna populations, necessitating management to control stoat abundance (Murphy et al., 1998).
Order Carnivora Family Mustelidae (Weasels) Mustela erminea ROM 26381 complete left humerus.