Mustela nivalis

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Noun1.Mustela nivalis - of Europe
weasel - small carnivorous mammal with short legs and elongated body and neck
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Later, we introduced captured weasels which we have identified as Mustela nivalis inside a closely monitored zones and investigated their predator effect on rodents and the ecosystem of Ain Skhouna.
In short, the Egyptian Weasel may well be a separate species to the hugely widespread Least Weasel Mustela nivalis but that further study is needed to ascertain just how genetically distinct it is.
Estimating weasel Mustela nivalis abundance from tunnel tracking indices at fluctuating field vole Microtus agrestis density.
Stoats, Mustela erminea and weasels, Mustela nivalis prefer the same habitat as water voles and they prey on Arvicola amphibius and Microtus voles (Elmeros, 2006; Sidorovich et al.
5 ha area, all four boxes, when checked in late winter, contained winter nests built by brown lemmings but later taken over by weasels (likely Mustela nivalis, judging by feces size).
The most interesting species of small mammal known from Goose Pond were the least shrew (discussed above), the bog lemming, Synaptomys cooperi (one taken by us and one taken by Dale Sparks), and the least weasel, Mustela nivalis.
The red fox Vulpes vulpes, common genet Genetta genetta, least weasel Mustela nivalis and the feral cat Felis catus share the riparian habitat with the mink (Garcia & Mateos 2009, Garcia et al.
The scientific name for the least weasel is Mustela nivalis.
Key Words: Mustela nivalis, weasel, shrew, Missouri, dispersal.
The red fox, Vulpes vulpes, the stoat, Mustela erminea, the weasel, Mustela nivalis, the pole cat, Mustela putorius, the pine marten, Martes martes, the beech marten, Martes foina, and the badger, Metes meles.
In our study area (the Kauhava region, western Finland, [approximately equal to] N, 23 [degrees] E), small mustelids, the least weasel Mustela nivalis and the stoat M.