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Noun1.Mustelus - smooth dogfishesMustelus - smooth dogfishes      
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Triakidae, Triakidae - small sharks with smooth skins and lacking spines on their dorsal fins
American smooth dogfish, Mustelus canis - found along the Atlantic coast of the Americas
Florida smoothhound, Mustelus norrisi - found from the northern Gulf of Mexico to Brazil
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The industrial sector was dominated by silky shark, Carcharhinus falciformis; scalloped hammerhead, Sphyrna lewini; pelagic thresher, Alopias pelagicus; and sickle-fin smooth-hound, Mustelus lunulatus (Guzman et al.
Gillnet mesh selectivities for gummy shark, Mustelus antarcticus Gunther, taken in south-eastern Australian waters.
The narrow sub-second time window in which this bilateral detection causes the turn response corresponds well with the swimming speed and odour patch dispersal physics of our shark species," known as Mustelus canis or the smooth dogfish, said Jayne Gardiner of the University of South Florida.
The more advanced sharks of the genera Rhizoprionodon, Mustelus, and some Sphyrna (e.
Included in the fauna are at least 16 species of which Heterodontus, Palaeorhincodon, Scyliorhinus, and Mustelus are reported from the Hardie Mine site for the first time.
Steno rediscovered the placenta in the Common Smooth-hound, Mustelus mustelus, apparently not being aware of Aristotle's descriptions, and he also went on to describe the anatomy of the digestive systems of two rays.
Species n Control Magnets Rhizoprionodon 169 67 30 terraenouae * Mustelus canis * 21 10 1 Squalusacanthias 85 31 23 Raja eglanteria 16 6 3 Carcharhinus limbatus 7 4 0 Sphyrna lewini 2 1 0 Total elasmobranchs * 147 119 57 Total teleosts 16 6 5
Four species (red grouper, Atlantic sharpnose shark, smooth dogfish, Mustelus canis; and red snapper) accounted for 83% of the released alive category.
megalopterus is unfortunately mistaken as Mustelus mustelus in a small, yet developing, inshore shark longline fishery.
The other two targeted species, Mustelus antarcticus and Furgaleus macki, which were dominated by females, ranked third and fifth in terms of abundance, respectively, and contributed an additional 14.
These include: bat ray, Myliobatis californica; shovelnose guitarfish, Rhinobatos productus; leopard shark, Triakis semifasciata; gray smoothhound, Mustelus californicus; brown smoothhound, Mustelus henlei; thornback.