Mustelus mustelus

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Noun1.Mustelus mustelus - smooth dogfish of European coastal watersMustelus mustelus - smooth dogfish of European coastal waters
smooth dogfish - small bottom-dwelling shark found along both Atlantic coasts
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Steno rediscovered the placenta in the Common Smooth-hound, Mustelus mustelus, apparently not being aware of Aristotle's descriptions, and he also went on to describe the anatomy of the digestive systems of two rays.
megalopterus is unfortunately mistaken as Mustelus mustelus in a small, yet developing, inshore shark longline fishery.
Life history and diet of two southern African smoothhound sharks, Mustelus mustelus (Linnaeus, 1758) and Mustelus palumbes Smith, 1957 (Pisces: Triakidae).