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a.1.(Bot. & Zool.) Without a point or pointed process; blunt.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Anja Mutic raves about the new, 193-room Grand Park Hotel Rovinj on Croatia's Istrian peninsula, offering striking views of the Adriatic Sea from every balcony or terrace.
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"The inspiration for the program was to provide Norcross High School a local feeder program so that rising high school freshmen would potentially gain previous lacrosse experience should they choose to play for Norcross High School and beyond," said Nathan Mutic, head coach of the Norcross High School Boys Blue Devils.
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CROATIA by Anja Mutic and Iain Stewart (9781741795950, $22.99) achieves the same thing for Croatia: offering a narrowed focus to a region usually included only in a larger consideration and thus offering visitors specifics other guides don't have.
Michael Haile will work from the Isle of Man office, after three years as a senior researcher for Censis, the economic and social study research institute in Rome, and Masha Mutic, a graduate of Simon Fraser university in British Columbia, will be based in Zagreb.
Durante el otono de 2003, hicimos una encuesta pot correo de 879 ciudadanos de Bakersfield, California escogidos al azar para determinar los factores relacionados a las creencias y aciltudes con relacion a la robusta poblacion dentro de los limites de la ciudad de la amenazada zorra desertica de San Joaquin (Vulpes macrotis mutic).
The earliest surviving work in the eastern tradition was produced by a slightly older contemporary of Maturidi, the eastern Hanafite scholar Abu Mutic' Makhul b.
Two writers took the top prizes: Anja Mutic for the Professional Journalism Award and Hope Nardini for the Emerging Writer Award.