Mutiny act

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(Law) an English statute reënacted annually to punish mutiny and desertion.
- Wharton.

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The requirement for 'summary proceedings' (which later became to be known in the United Kingdom and Canada as summary trials) was formally recognized by the British Parliament with the passage of the Mutiny Act in 1689.
Harry was convicted in 1925 under the Incitement to Mutiny Act 1797, but never accused of bribery or corruption.
In leading his kangaroo court to their ineluctable "conclusion," Vere invokes the Articles of War, the Mutiny Act, allegiance to the King, and the unpleasant responsibility of upholding martial law.
When she was just one day old, Scotland Yard raided the London headquarters of the British Communist Party, seizing documents and arresting people who were charged with offences under the 1797 Incitement to Mutiny Act.
Vere held a drumhead court and told his junior officers that for the sake of the service, discipline, and to satisfy the Mutiny Act, they must not consider anything but the fatal blow.
As Captain Vere explains, innocent Billy will be acquitted by God at "the last Assizes," but "We proceed under the law of the Mutiny Act." That act demands death for Billy's deed, and he dies in order that discipline may be maintained in the great navy which must protect Britain against her enemies.
The British Mutiny Act of 1689 formalized the disciplining of a standing army and initiated modern Anglo-American military law.
NNA - 3/4/2011 - President of the Republic, General Michel Sleiman, followed-up today on the Roumieh Prison mutiny acts. He remained in contact with Caretaker Interior and Municipalities Minister, Ziad Baroud, as well as with all concerned officials, giving them the necessary instructions in this regards.
NNA - 3/4/2011 - The Interior and Municipalities Ministry media bureau issued a statement today, in which it hailed the efforts exerted by all sides who contributed to the end of mutiny acts inside Roumieh Central Prison which lasted for 24 consecutive hours.