Mutton bird

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(Zool.) the Australian short-tailed petrel (Nectris brevicaudus).

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New Zealand's Mutton Birds famously flew 1,200 miles to play a gig at the Flapper & Firkin, as it was previously known.
There is an awful lot of work with mutton birds,' reiterated Tini, 'and it is no wonder the Maoris charge such a lot for them; but never again would I go mutton-birding.
It's a lonely life, with trips to the mainland rare and only a donkey as a friend, but Fay is busy looking after her father and the other keeper and spends her free time wandering the island watching whales and mutton birds and sketching.
The Mutton Birds, also native to the Great Barrier Reef, are better behaved which is a good thing because about a million of them nest here in the breeding season.
Most upfront is The Stupidest Things, which boasts the insistent rhythm that the Mutton Birds did so well, while softy shuffling Born In The Sea seemingly inhabits a spaghetti western landscape.
The fourth most venomous land snakes on the planet, these incredible creatures feed on young Mutton birds.
That horrible truth dawned on New Zealand's Mutton Birds on a cold Saturday night in Wolverhampton, when a paltry turn out witnessed their first live show in the area since early 1999, and one that could be their last.
Catch The Mutton Birds at Aberdeen University on October 22, Dundee's West Port Bar the following night, and on October 24 in Glasgow at King Tuts.
Kiwi rockers The Mutton Birds have had two albums going platinum on home turf.
Bands have come from as far away as New Zealand - Kiwi legends The Mutton Birds flew out here - to play in the pub's music room.