Mutton bird

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(Zool.) the Australian short-tailed petrel (Nectris brevicaudus).

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The wood hen is just one of the unusual creatures he shares his home with, including the mutton bird, which at night makes a booming noise akin to a barking dog.
Later, the camp had a Jungle Thanksgiving Dinner of mutton bird, spatchcock and beer.
She said after speaking to her mum and pet dog Cooper: "Everyone is so proud of me back home." m o " Later the camp had a Jungle Thanksgiving Dinner of mutton bird, spatchcock, and a bottle of beer
Testifying to the extent of literacy and its centrality in the daily life of southern Kai Tahu by the turn of the twentieth century, Tini explained that after she arrived at The Neck she wrote to her 'mother and all the dear ones that I had left behind, to tell them of my safe arrival, and then settled down to hard work, and hard work it was, preparing for the mutton bird island'.
Being on Ngai Tahu soil during the mutton bird and oyster seasons also meant the catering was superb.
The two remaining races will be conducted off Coffs Harbour and will start near Mutton Bird Island on January 5 and 6, 2001.
Serventy explored the effects of regular harvesting by Aborigines on the Tasmanian mutton bird population in the Furneaux Islands in Bass Strait.
"But the Mutton bird is pretty cool and is sort of mini albatross.
On Chappel Island there is very little food and only when the mutton bird is resident do the snakes get to eat.