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(Zool.) the Australian short-tailed petrel (Nectris brevicaudus).

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(1) Its particular focus is on the ways in which early twentieth century Kai Tahu writers produced forms of short non-fiction, in English, to explain enduring Kai Tahu lifeways centring on 'muttonbirding'.
This seasonal activity, commonly referred to as 'muttonbirding', was the defining social and economic activity for many nineteenth century southern Kai Tahu, and remains so for many of their present-day descendants.
There are however at least two examples of Kai Tahu Little Folks; both wrote about muttonbirding. One of them was a girl, 'Tini, care of Post Office, Fortrose'.
(44) In her letter Tini asked, 'Have any of the D.L.F been muttonbirding?' To which she answered, 'I don't suppose they have'.
Muttonbirding was a subject close to his heart, as he had fond memories of months spent 'birding' as a child on the Furneaux Islands with the rest of the Aboriginal community, and was a muttonbird gourmet.
The articles here focus largely on the interaction of art and society, including community art programs, Ricky Maynard's photography of Indigenous Tasmanian 'Muttonbirding' and a look at the Two Fires Festival of Arts and Activism.
As a girl, Aunty Ida did her fair share of work: ploughing, marking lambs and dipping them, catching a kangaroo or two, muttonbirding, bringing in the cows and rounding up the ducks, fencing, growing vegetables, getting firewood, threshing grass to get seed; but her first paid job was snaring and skinning kangaroos, drying them and sending the bundle off to Melbourne.
Encouraged by Rhys, ANH supported another muttonbird project that Darrell undertook in conjunction with the RSPAS photographers, documenting and video-recording muttonbirding by the Tasmanian Aboriginal community.