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Growths of hair on the sides of the face in front of the ears, especially when worn by a man with the rest of the beard shaved off.

[Alteration of burnsides.]


pl n
(Hairdressing & Grooming) a man's whiskers grown down either side of the face in front of the ears. Also called: sideboards, side whiskers or sidelevers (Austral)
[C19: variant of burnsides]


1. the projections of the hairline forming a border on the face in front of each ear.
[1885–90, Amer.; alter. of burnsides]
side′burned`, adj.
عِذار: شَعْر يَنمو أمام الأذُنَيْن


(said) noun
1. (the ground beside) an edge, border or boundary line. He walked round the side of the field; He lives on the same side of the street as me.
2. a surface of something. A cube has six sides.
3. one of the two of such surfaces which are not the top, bottom, front, or back. There is a label on the side of the box.
4. either surface of a piece of paper, cloth etc. Don't waste paper – write on both sides!
5. the right or left part of the body. I've got a pain in my side.
6. a part or division of a town etc. He lives on the north side of the town.
7. a slope (of a hill). a mountain-side.
8. a point of view; an aspect. We must look at all sides of the problem.
9. a party, team etc which is opposing another. Whose side are you on?; Which side is winning?
additional, but less important. a side issue.
(the ground etc beside) the edge of something. He walked along the dockside/quayside; a roadside café.
having (a certain number or type of) sides. a four-sided figure.
ˈsidelong adjective, adverb
from or to the side; not directly. a sidelong glance; He glanced sidelong.
ˈsideways adjective, adverb
to or towards one side. He moved sideways; a sideways movement.
ˈsideburns noun plural
the usually short hair grown on the side of a man's face in front of the ears.
side effect
an additional (often bad) effect of a drug etc. These pills have unpleasant side effects.
ˈsidelight noun
a light fixed to the side, or at the side of the front or back, of a car, boat etc. He switched his sidelights on when it began to get dark.
ˈsideline noun
1. a business etc carried on outside one's regular job or activity. He runs a mail-order business as a sideline.
2. the line marking one of the long edges of a football pitch etc.
ˈsidelines noun plural
the position or point of view of a person not actually taking part in a sport, argument etc. He threw in the occasional suggestion from the sidelines.
side road
a small, minor road.
ˈsidesteppast tense, past participle ˈsidestepped verb
1. to step to one side. He sidestepped as his attacker tried to grab him.
2. to avoid. to sidestep a problem.
ˈside-street noun
a small, minor street. The man ran down a side-street and disappeared.
ˈsidetrack verb
to turn (a person) aside from what he was about to do. I intended to write letters this evening, but was sidetracked into going to the pictures instead.
ˈsidewalk noun
(American) a pavement or footpath.
from all sides
from every direction. People were running towards him from all sides.
on all sides
all around. With enemies on all sides, we were trapped.
side by side
beside one another; close together. They walked along the street side by side.
side with
to give support to in an argument etc. Don't side with him against us!
take sides
to choose to support a particular opinion, group etc against another. Everybody in the office took sides in the dispute.
References in classic literature ?
A huge, tough muttonchop on Barry's plate would be balanced by tiny French chops on Mercedes' plate.
The counterpart to Julie's predicament is the amusing bourgeois respectability of her friend Carrie and her pompous but successful husband Enoch Snow (a sparky Zoe Clarkson and a muttonchop whiskered Richard Armstrong); while common sense and communal compassion are provided by Nettie Fowler (Becky Sutcliffe, who sings very strongly).
In photos we are almost unrecognizable: my mother, sporting John Lennon glasses, my father, muttonchop sideburns.
His muttonchop whiskers already were gray, and bobbled up and down as he erupted words with incredible rapidity, inquiring with delightful profanity the way to the hotel, the Bella Union.
It shows a pretty woman in a pink dress with muttonchop sleeves.
It filled the ranks of journalism schools and any number of us tugged at our muttonchop sideburns while stalking a college president in search of Nixonian treachery.
Alien is a tall, almost cadaverous-looking man with muttonchop sideburns and oversize, 1970s-style aviator glasses.
Peter's character James was memorable for his ruthlessness and huge muttonchop sideburns.
THE distinctive muttonchop sideburns give Coventry actor Richard Bremmer a suitably Dickensian air.
If you had muttonchop sideburns or a handlebar mustache, short-cropped hair, gold chains clanking on you chest, boots at all times, wraparound glasses of a certain tint, and telltale amyl nitrate burns around your nostrils, you didn't need to have a mirror.
Sam, complete with giant muttonchop sideburns, fights on the front line of the war zone, at times sleeping in the bush with an AK-47 on one side and a Bible on the other.