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(Placename) the former name of Mathura


(ˈmʌt ʊ rə)

a city in W Uttar Pradesh, in N India: Hindu shrine and holy city; reputed birthplace of Krishna. 161,000. Formerly, Muttra.
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Our plantation was at a place called Muttra, near the border of the Northwest Provinces.
To its South lie Sindh, Rajputana and the Muttra District of the United Provinces, while on the East, the rivers Jumna and Tons separate it from the same province, and on the North-East a mighty Himalayan range shuts it off from Chinese Tartary.9
A los tres anos de edad empezo a recordar y decir detalles de una vida anterior en el pueblo de Muttra, situado a unos 128 Km de distancia.
Their resemblance to the figurines found at Harappa and the Sunga terracottas of Muttra is readily discernible.
Esa comunicacion muy intima con la naturaleza se aprecia en su poema Muttra (traducido por Jomi Garcia Ascot):