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Noun1.classified stock - common stock classified as A or B where A has certain advantages (e.g., voting power) that B does not
common shares, common stock, ordinary shares - stock other than preferred stock; entitles the owner to a share of the corporation's profits and a share of the voting power in shareholder elections; "over 40 million Americans invest in common stocks"
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Investments in the plan are subject to account fees, as well as mutual fund and other underlying investment fees and expenses - such as administration, customer service, and distribution fees as well as sales charges associated with the various underlying mutual fund share classes.
For information about the differences in mutual fund share classes, see the NASD Investor Alerts Understanding Mutual Fund Classes and Class B Mutual Fund Shares: Do They Make the Grade?
Morningstar Fund Research, which provides instant access to comprehensive fund information; screening tools for the 16,500 mutual fund share classes in Morningstar's database, including underlying holdings data; fund analyst reports; and profile pages that are designed to be NASD-compliant for client use.
As a result, certain investors purchased Class A shares and incurred front-end sales charges that they should not have paid, or purchased other mutual fund share classes that subjected them to higher fees and the potential of contingent deferred, or back-end, sales charges.