Muztagh Ata

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Muz·tagh A·ta

(mo͞os-tä′ ə-tä′, mo͞os-täg′)
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Islamabad -- Joint Pak - China Friendship Expedition 2013, Wednesday climbed 7,546 m high Mt Muztagh Ata, situated in Xinjiang Autonomous Region China.
To the south, the fault strikes NW-SE or N-S, forming excursions around the anomalously high peaks Kongur Shan (7,719 m) and Muztagh Ata (7,546 m), which sit the in footwall of the fault.
(2.) Bosch MM, Barthelmes D, Merz TM, et al New insights into changes in corneal thickness in healthy mountaineers during a very-high-altitude climb to Mount Muztagh Ata. Arch Opthalmol 2010;128:184-189.
Richard lost his sister Sarah to leukaemia at the age of 32 and is now aiming to climb Mount Muztagh Ata in China to raise funds for charity.
Lead researcher Dr Martina Monika Bosch, of University Hospital Zurich studied the effects of high-altitude climbing on corneal thickness among 28 healthy volunteers climbing Mount Muztagh Ata in western China.