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Noun1.Mwanza - a city in northern Tanzania on Lake Victoria
Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania - a republic in eastern Africa
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The aircraft was en route from Mwanza to Dar es Salaam via Kilimangaro and sustained damage to its cockpit radar facilities.
Air traffic controllers said the plane had taken off from Mwanza on Lake Victoria in Tanzania.
class="MsoNormalA last minute communication of the DP's absence to members of the public, who had turned up for the listing, dampened the mood at the function held at Kambi ya Mwanza in Malava Constituency.
In the past, Kenya has indicated that it preferred building a line further south of this route to its inland port city of Kisumu to transport goods through Lake Victoria to ports in Mwanza in Tanzania, and Entebbe, Port Bell and Jinja in Uganda.
With: Rachel Mwanza, Alain Bastien, Serge Kanyinda, Ralph Prosper, Mizinga Mwinga, Jean Kabuya, Jupiter Bokondji, Starlette Mathata, Alex Herabo.
The family is heading for Mwanza this weekend as part of a team leaving from their church.
THE Rotary Club ofHuddersfield would like to thank you for highlighting the plight of women and children in Mwanza in Tanzania following the visit of Rotary District Governor John Phillip and his wife.
Coaches Daniel Scullion (left) and Lee Thomas with team members (front, from left) Jacob Thomas, Dion Nokes, Owen Hart, Jag Jit and George Kierle and (back, from left) Henry Bongawanga, Harrison Thomas, Curtis Randle, Ellis Viola, Rees Snape, Jordan Wallen and Kevin Mwanza with their new kit.
Every week, about five cargo planes from Ukraine, Holland and Belgium land at the Mwanza airport, on the southern shores of Lake Victoria, to carry an estimated 400t of fresh Nile perch fillets to European and Asian countries.
Air Tanzania is to resume flights to the Democratic Republic of Congo on Saturday 20 May with two flights per week to the Congolese town Lubumbashi via Mwanza and Lusaka.
class="MsoNormalDIRECT FLIGHTS It is a positive move considering that we have been pushing KAA for direct flights from Entebbe and Mwanza to Kisumu," Mr Ouko said.