My uncle

a pawnbroker.

See also: Uncle

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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'In personal appearance, my uncle was a trifle shorter than the middle size; he was a thought stouter too, than the ordinary run of people, and perhaps his face might be a shade redder.
'My uncle's great journey was in the fall of the leaf, at which time he collected debts, and took orders, in the north; going from London to Edinburgh, from Edinburgh to Glasgow, from Glasgow back to Edinburgh, and thence to London by the smack.
"DEAR MISS GARTH -- I trouble you with another letter: partly to thank you for your kind expression of sympathy with me, under the loss that I have sustained; and partly to tell you of an extraordinary application made to my uncle's executors, in which you and Miss Vanstone may both feel interested, as Mrs.
You will notice as suspicious, that no explanation is given of the manner in which the alleged discovery of one of my uncle's secrets was made, by persons who are total strangers to him.
At last, however, I could hear the noise of a window gently thrust up, and knew that my uncle had come to his observatory.
"What was that?" cried my uncle, in a mighty changed voice.
"I and my uncle were out fishing in our little boat, when the pirates came and caught us.
Do you think you will be able to find my uncle for me?"
I'm aw'fly sorry to leave you--and the Scarecrow--and the Tin Woodman--and the Cowardly Lion--and Tiktok--and--and everybody--but I do want my Uncle Henry!
I pictured in my thoughts our first meeting in the neighborhood of my uncle's house.
I had lived long enough with my uncle Starkweather to catch some of his enthusiasm for field sports, and to learn something, especially, of the angler's art.
"What did my Uncle Deane say, Tom?" said Maggie, putting her arm through Tom's as he was warming himself rather drearily by the kitchen fire.

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