My uncle

a pawnbroker.

See also: Uncle

References in classic literature ?
Excuse my dwelling on these melancholy recollections of departed worth; you won't see a man like my uncle every day in the week.
My uncle collected for Tiggin and Welps, but for a long time he went pretty near the same journey as Tom; and the very first night they met, my uncle took a fancy for Tom, and Tom took a fancy for my uncle.
I could give them no positive information -- for my uncle never consulted me on matters of business.
I surprised the lawyer (who seemed to be quite ignorant of the extraordinary actions constantly performed by somnambulists), by informing him that my uncle could find his way about the house, lock and unlock doors, and remove objects of all kinds from one place to another, as easily in his sleep as in his waking hours.
At last, however, I could hear the noise of a window gently thrust up, and knew that my uncle had come to his observatory.
There was a pause; and then, "I'm thinking I'll better let ye in," says my uncle, doubtfully.
I and my uncle were out fishing in our little boat, when the pirates came and caught us.
Do you think you will be able to find my uncle for me?
I'm aw'fly sorry to leave you--and the Scarecrow--and the Tin Woodman--and the Cowardly Lion--and Tiktok--and--and everybody--but I do want my Uncle Henry
I had lived long enough with my uncle Starkweather to catch some of his enthusiasm for field sports, and to learn something, especially, of the angler's art.
Knowing how bitterly disappointed my uncle would have been in his place, I apologized very earnestly.
But it's such a nuisance and bother; I've been at school all this while learning Latin and things,--not a bit of good to me,--and now my uncle says I must set about learning book-keeping and calculation, and those things.

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