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Noun1.Mya - type genus of the family MyacidaeMya - type genus of the family Myacidae  
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
family Myacidae, Myacidae - soft-shell clams
Mya arenaria, soft-shell clam, long-neck clam, steamer clam, steamer - an edible clam with thin oval-shaped shell found in coastal regions of the United States and Europe
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'When we arrived at the PMF leader's house, we found ammunition and grenades there,' he said, adding that the bodies of U Win Maung and Pa Mya were found inside.
Families interested in participating for the 2019-20 season can visit for placement audition information.
Images taken by Mya show the male roaring in agony as up to nine females sink their razor-sharp teeth into his body, leaving him with bloody cuts and bite marks.
But if a visit to Dogs Trust Loughborough isn't possible, I can pop along to their venue and introduce them to Mya!" If you would like to book a talk or tour for your community group please call Hannah on 01509 882966 or 07833 050868 or email her at
In a telephone interview, Thein Mya denied the abuse accusations and said he was not even present during the massacre, contradicting more than a dozen witnesses.
The new single, "You Got Me," now available on all digital outlets worldwide, celebrates the 20th year anniversary of Mya's debut single, the Billboard chart-topping hit, "It's All About Me," featuring R&B singer, Sisqo.
The MYA has been established for over 120 years and is a food bank run by young people for young people.
The first its multiyear agreement (MYA) with Alba for a period of 16 years, which also represents the first MYA for HA gas turbines in the Gulf region.
Newcastle schoolgirl Mya Abdul has been her mum's rock since the death last May of her dad, Wadud, at Low Force waterfall in Teesdale.
Kol quickly grows interested in young Mya, but he finds that she brings with her a history of loss that is sadly intertwined with his own clan.