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Noun1.Mya - type genus of the family MyacidaeMya - type genus of the family Myacidae  
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
family Myacidae, Myacidae - soft-shell clams
Mya arenaria, soft-shell clam, long-neck clam, steamer clam, steamer - an edible clam with thin oval-shaped shell found in coastal regions of the United States and Europe
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The new single, "You Got Me," produced by Lamar "MyGuyMars" Edwards, written by Mya Harrison and Sydnii "KydSyd" Raymore, serves as the 3rd single from her upcoming project and is proving to be yet another staple in the singer's legendary catalogue of music, giving fans a scintillating preview of what's to come on her next album.
With: Aunjanue Ellis, Raz Adoti, Leon, Lou Gosset Jr., Paula Jai Parker, Richard Gant, Mya Harrison, Victoria Platt Tilford, Vivica A.
At the ripe old age of 20, Mya Harrison brings on her second album and shows a a breathtaking surefootedness amid a marathon 18-track set.