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A promontory of western Asia Minor. In 479 bc it was the site of a major Greek victory over the Persian fleet.
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Mycale. These were commanded by Nastes and Amphimachus, the brave sons of Nomion.
(4) Yet the fifth-century BCE naval battles of Salamis, Mycale, Arginusae, and Aegospotami involved fleet actions aimed at removing the opposing fleet from the sea--with some or a complete measure of success.
Omar Kholeif's essay shoulders the responsibility of reading "Horizon." "This work maps out the route over the sea on one of the shortest and most popular refugee trails from Kas on the southwestern Turkish shore, across the Mycale Strait, to the island of Megisti on the edge of southeastern Greece."
At the Battle of Mycale in the Aegean, the Greeks won another important victory that rolled back earlier Persian gains.
Oval delivered the knockout blows before half-time and had goalkeeper Mycale Graham to thank for a last-minute save to ensure the victory and the trophy.
Defence against epibiosis in the sponge Mycale adhaerens: modulating the bacterial community associated with its surface.
The species Petromica citrina, Amphimedon viridis, Desmapsamma anchorata, Chondrosia sp., Polymastia janeirensis, Tedania ignis, Aplysina fiulva, Mycale angulosa, Hymeniacidon heliophila, Dysidea etheria, Tethya rubra, and Tethya maza were frozen and freeze-dried before extraction with acetone or dichloromethane.