Mycenaean culture

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Noun1.Mycenaean culture - the late bronze-age culture of Mycenae that flourished 1400-1100 BC
culture, civilisation, civilization - a particular society at a particular time and place; "early Mayan civilization"
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The topics discussed include evolutions and temporal delimitation of Bronze Age world systems in western Asia and the Mediterranean, a liminal view of the Late Bronze Age world system, negotiating metal and the metal form in the royal tombs of Alacahoyuk in north-central Anatolia, assessing the evidence for the long-distance exchange of silk in later prehistoric Eurasia, and the emergence of Mycenaean culture as a phenomenon of globalization.
Summarily stated, The Rape of Troy (RT) begins by noting how close to "sudden violent" death Homeric men (and women) habitually lived during what Gottschall calls the "Late Dark Age" of Homeric society (11), the period of time following the collapse of Mycenaean culture in the late thirteenth and twelfth centuries BC, or roughly between 800 and 650 BC (22).
By analyzing many contexts on Crete from the Early Bronze Age through the end of the Late Bronze Age, she makes a strong argument that Minoan society was corporate in structure and that more vertical and hierarchical relationships became apparent through the influence of Mycenaean culture.
He was influenced by Heinrich Schliemann's exciting discoveries at Troy and Mycenae and by Arthur Milchhofer's suggestion that Crete had dominated the Mycenaean culture of the Greek cities of the Bronze Age (in the period around the sixteenth to the thirteenth centuries BC, before the Trojan War).
Kelder, an archaeological scholar, analyzes the contemporary scholarship regarding the continuity and character of Mycenaean culture and palace sites in the late Bronze Age period.