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n. pl. my·co·bac·te·ri·a (-tîr′ē-ə)
Any of various rod-shaped, aerobic, often pathogenic bacteria of the genus Mycobacterium, including the causative agents of tuberculosis and leprosy.

my′co·bac·ter′i·al adj.
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n, pl -ria (-rɪə)
(Microbiology) any of the rod-shaped Gram-positive bacteria of the genus Mycobacterium, some of which cause human diseases, such as tuberculosis and leprosy
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(ˌmaɪ koʊ bækˈtɪər i əm)

n., pl. -te•ri•a (-ˈtɪər i ə)
any of several rod-shaped aerobic bacteria of the genus Mycobacterium, certain species of which, as M. tuberculosis, are pathogenic.
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Noun1.mycobacterium - rod-shaped bacteria some saprophytic or causing diseases
eubacteria, eubacterium, true bacteria - a large group of bacteria having rigid cell walls; motile types have flagella
genus Mycobacterium - nonmotile Gram-positive aerobic bacteria
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n. L. Mycobacterium, especie de bacterias gram-positivas en forma de bastoncillo que incluyen bacterias causantes de la lepra y la tuberculosis.
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