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n. pl. my·co·bac·te·ri·a (-tîr′ē-ə)
Any of various rod-shaped, aerobic, often pathogenic bacteria of the genus Mycobacterium, including the causative agents of tuberculosis and leprosy.

my′co·bac·ter′i·al adj.
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n, pl -ria (-rɪə)
(Microbiology) any of the rod-shaped Gram-positive bacteria of the genus Mycobacterium, some of which cause human diseases, such as tuberculosis and leprosy
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(ˌmaɪ koʊ bækˈtɪər i əm)

n., pl. -te•ri•a (-ˈtɪər i ə)
any of several rod-shaped aerobic bacteria of the genus Mycobacterium, certain species of which, as M. tuberculosis, are pathogenic.
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Noun1.mycobacterium - rod-shaped bacteria some saprophytic or causing diseases
eubacteria, eubacterium, true bacteria - a large group of bacteria having rigid cell walls; motile types have flagella
genus Mycobacterium - nonmotile Gram-positive aerobic bacteria
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n. L. Mycobacterium, especie de bacterias gram-positivas en forma de bastoncillo que incluyen bacterias causantes de la lepra y la tuberculosis.
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Johnson believes it is most likely the bacteria that causes the ulcer, Mycobacterium ulcerans, is being spread by mosquitos and possums.
Basidiobolomycosis can be mistaken for Buruli ulcer (BU), an infectious skin disease due to Mycobacterium ulcerans, also endemic in some countries in Africa, Asia, South America, Mexico, and Australia, which presents as a painless papule, nodule, plaque, edema, or ulcer.
Ella Crofts, 13, who is recovering from the disease for months now, has appealed to the authorities to look into the reasons why cases of the infection caused by bacterium Mycobacterium ulcerans have gone rampant in her hometown.
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