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Noun1.Mycoplasmataceae - pleomorphic Gram-negative nonmotile microorganism similar to both viruses and bacteria; parasitic in mammals
bacteria family - a family of bacteria
Mycoplasmatales, order Mycoplasmatales - coextensive with the family Mycoplasmataceae
genus Mycoplasma - type and sole genus of the family Mycoplasmataceae
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The prevalence of six species of Mycoplasmataceae in an HIV/AIDS population in Jiangsu Province, China," International Journal of STD and AIDS, vol.
Genital Mycoplasmas will be used to denote that discussion encompasses all the Mycoplasmataceae that are commonly found in the genitourinary tract and may occur in the female genital tract of pregnant and non-pregnant women (8).
Mycoplasma pneumoniae is a member of the family Mycoplasmataceae and order Mycoplasmatales [1], the smallest self-replicating prokaryotes in both cellular dimensions and genome size [2-4].