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(maɪˈkoʊ tə)

an alternative taxonomic name for the kingdom Fungi.
[< New Latin; see myco-, -ota]
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Glucosamine produced by mycota in the pizza doughs was extracted by homogenization in a blender (Waring Commercial, 34BL97, California, EUA), with 6 M HC1 (Synth, Brazil) added at the ratio 3:5 (w/v).
Si bien esta dimension afectiva y social parece no guardar relacion directa con los contenidos de aprendizaje de un curso y, en tal sentido, puede ser desvalorizada o considerada como una interferencia en el proceso de aprendizaje, un cuerpo creciente de investigaciones (entre otras, Cobb, 2009; Mycota y Duncan, 2007; Perez, et al.
The endophytic mycota associated with Vitis vinifera in central Spain.
Fungi, mushrooms, yeast, and mold are all part of the kingdom Fungi or Mycota.
In 2002, the company purchased a total of 24 brands, mostly over the counter medicines, including Mycota, Transvasin and Acriflex The following year, it acquired the Setlers brand while 2006 saw the launch of Hedrin, the first licensed non-pesticide treatment for head lice in the UK.
Lichen mycota from the island of Krk (northern Adriatic Sea, Croatia).
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