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also Men·eer  (mə-nîr′)
a. Used as a courtesy title before the name of a man in a Dutch-speaking area.
b. Used as a form of polite address for a man in a Dutch-speaking area.
2. mynheer also meneer Informal A Dutchman.

[Dutch mijnheer : mijn, my (from Middle Dutch; see me- in Indo-European roots) + heer, lord (from Middle Dutch here).]
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a Dutch title of address equivalent to Sir when used alone or to Mr when placed before a name
[C17: from Dutch mijnheer, my lord]
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(maɪnˈhɛər, -ˈhɪər)

1. the Dutch term of address corresponding to sir and Mr.
2. (l.c.) a Dutchman.
[1645–55; sp. variant of Dutch mijnheer=mijn mine1 + heer lord, sir, Mr.; see Herr]
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References in classic literature ?
I cannot say anything about it myself, as I have no personal acquaintance with Mynheer Bowelt."
The chief of the deputation of the burghers was then heard addressing an interpellation to Mynheer Bowelt, whom he requested to let them know where the other deputies, his colleagues, were.
"Gentlemen," Bowelt repeated for the second time, "I assure you that in this moment I am here alone with Mynheer d'Asperen, and I cannot take any resolution on my own responsibility."
Mynheer Bowelt wished to speak, but his words were not heard, and he was only seen moving his arms in all sorts of gestures, which plainly showed that he felt his position to be desperate.
This did not prevent him from undertaking the difficult task of haranguing the mob; but the mob preferred forcing the guard of the States -- which, however, offered no resistance to the sovereign people -- to listening to the speech of Mynheer d'Asperen.
"From this place we shall see them return with or without the order for the withdrawal of the dragoons, then we may judge which is greater, Mynheer Bowelt's honesty or his courage."
"Well, then," his Highness quietly remarked, "now I know what to believe with regard to Mynheer Bowelt's honesty and courage: he has neither the one nor the other."
"Now, then, Mynheer John, if I were in your place, I should not go out through the main street."
"If I were in your place, Mynheer John," the young girl timidly continued, "I should leave by the postern, which leads into a deserted by-lane, whilst all the people are waiting in the High Street to see you come out by the principal entrance.
The noise thereupon sounded through the windows of the hall, on the balcony of which Mynheers Bowelt and D'Asperen had presented themselves.
Mynheer Calf, too, becomes Monsieur de Veau in the like manner; he is Saxon when he requires tendance, and takes a Norman name when he becomes matter of enjoyment.''