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FDCS have a broad morphologic pattern overlapping with ectopic meningioma, myoepithelial tumours, inflammatory myofibroblastic tumours, thymoma and gastrointestinal stromal tumour, while osteosarcoma like pattern has been described in one study.
The terminal buds were in the form of cell clusters and contained glycogen rich inner luminal and outer myoepithelial precursor cells at 11.
2],[3],[4] SS can lead to diagnostic confusion with the following neoplasms: myoepithelial carcinoma, mesothelioma, leiomyosarcoma, epithelioid sarcoma, malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor, and carcinosarcoma.
19) While circumscribed, the periphery of these tumors often lacks myoepithelial cells and in the absence of definite invasive growth, solid papillary carcinoma is regarded as in situ carcinoma.
B: On p63 immunohistochemistry, the myoepithelial cell nuclei stain brown (x20).
In such conditions, deeper sections or additional tissue fragments may be needed due to difficulty in assessing small carcinomatous glands, nucleolar prominence and myoepithelial layer.
PUBMED and EMBASE search using word myoepithelial breast cancer from 2013 onward found eight more cases leading to about 68 cases.
Neoplastic cells were negative for calponin, ruling out myoepithelial cells.
In addition, several cellular variants such as clear cell, pigmented, Langerhans cell containing bone and cementum forming, myoepithelial cell and non-calcifying subtypes have been reported.
H and E stained sections revealed diffuse effacement of glandular architecture by a mixture of glandular epithelium and myoepithelial cells within a mesenchyme-like background.
Further tests suggested that epithelial cell progenitors helped by restoring the connection between cells called myoepithelial contractile cells and the lacrimal gland's secretory cells, which produce tears.
Intercellular cystic spaces lined by basement membrane material and biphasic cellularity with myoepithelial cells intermixed with epithelial cells.