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Noun1.Myrcia - a genus of tropical American trees and shrubs of the myrtle family
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
family Myrtaceae, Myrtaceae, myrtle family - trees and shrubs yielding a fragrant oil
jaboticaba, jaboticaba tree, Myrciaria cauliflora - small evergreen tropical tree native to Brazil and West Indies but introduced into southern United States; grown in Brazil for its edible tough-skinned purple grapelike fruit that grows all along the branches
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The marked climatic seasonality and floristic aspects of the fragment, including the presence of the genera Xylopia (Annonaceae); Aspidosperma (Apocynaceae); Protium and Trattinnickia (Burseraceae); Saccoglotis (Humiriaceae); Miconia and Mouriri (Melastomataceae); Myrcia (Myrtaceae); and Qualea and Vochysia (Vochysiaceae), characterize it as a Submontane Seasonal Semideciduous Forest (Table 2).
The predominating families are Fabaceae, Chrysobalanaceae and Vochysiaceae, and species are Myrcia splendens, Emmotum nitens and Qualea parviflora in an open and drained lower story, characteristics found in other 'cerradoes' in Brazil (Ratter et.
ramas) en el caso de arboles, arbustos y lianas o individuos, en el caso de plantas herbaceas, fueron, en orden descendente, Croton leptostachyus (arbusto, Euphorbiaceae), Croton fragrans (arbusto, Euphorbiaceae), Machaerium capote (arbol, Fabaceae), Eleutheranthera tenella (hierba rastrera, Asteraceae), Myrcia cf.
A importancia desta variavel na constituicao da serapilheira pode estar relacionada ao padrao de frutificacao das especies (todas pertencentes ao genero Myrcia DC.
Clusiaceae), Roupala montana (Proteaceae) and Myrcia fallax (Myrtaceae) were the most important trees.
2011) established the plant origin of propolis samples, indicating that most representative pollen types for all samples were Schinus, Vernonia, Diclenia, Hyptis, Myrcia, Weinmannia, Baccharis and Eucalyptus.
Las especies de arboles muestreadas fueron Myrcia fenzliana, Coccoloba wrightii, Clusia tetrastigma, Dendropanax arboreus y Brunellia comocladifolia (Tabla 1), con gran numero de individuos en este bosque.