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An ancient region of northwest Asia Minor. It passed successively to Lydia, Persia, Macedon, Syria, Pergamum, and Rome.

My′si·an adj. & n.


(Placename) an ancient region in the NW corner of Asia Minor


(ˈmɪʃ i ə)

an ancient country in NW Asia Minor.
My′si•an, adj., n.
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Everything irrational should, if possible, be excluded; or, at all events, it should lie outside the action of the play (as, in the Oedipus, the hero's ignorance as to the manner of Laius' death); not within the drama,--as in the Electra, the messenger's account of the Pythian games; or, as in the Mysians, the man who has come from Tegea to Mysia and is still speechless.
And Auge bare Telephus of the stock of Areas, king of the Mysians, being joined in love with the mighty Heracles when he was journeying in quest of the horses of proud Laomedon -- horses the fleetest of foot that the Asian land nourished, -- and destroyed in battle the tribe of the dauntless Amazons and drove them forth from all that land.
Chromis, and Ennomus the augur, led the Mysians, but his skill in augury availed not to save him from destruction, for he fell by the hand of the fleet descendant of Aeacus in the river, where he slew others also of the Trojans.
The poet tells us that to appease Heracles the Mysians promised never to stop searching for him, and that to this day the people of Cius (a city Polyphemus would later found in Mysia) still "inquire after [[phrase omitted]] Hylas" (1.1354).
[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] (63) they point to an ancient shrine of Carian Zeus at Mylasa, to which Mysians and Lydians, as brethren of the Carians (for Lydus and Mysus, they say, were brothers of Car), are admitted, but not those who spoke the same language as the Carians but were of another people.