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Noun1.Mysis - type genus of the family MysidaeMysis - type genus of the family Mysidae  
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Mysidae, Mysidae - small shrimp-like crustaceans
opossum shrimp - shrimp-like crustaceans whose females carry eggs and young in a pouch between the legs
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Mysis medium,###Increase investment of###Every 6h###30###High boiling###Increase brightness
Both saltwater and freshwater PE Pellets contain fresh PE Mysis as the leading ingredient, resulting in a rich, nutritionally complete diet.
japonicus are fed up to mysis stages on microalgae, including Chaetoceros calcitrans, Chaetoceros gracilis, and/or Tetraselmis tetrathele, with diameters ranging from 3 to 9 [micro]m, 2 to 6 urn, and 6 to 15 [micro]m, respectively (Okauchi & Fukusho 1984, Olenina et al.
Artemia replacement in co-feeding regimes for mysis and postlarval stages of Litopenaeus vannamei: Nutritional contribution of inert diets to tissue growth as indicated by natural carbon stable isotopes.
Factors affecting reactions to Mysis by newly hatched Sepia.
Both the mysis and postlarval phases of the pink shrimp Penaeus duorarum use tidal flow transport (TFT) during the semidiurnal tide throughout its dispersal in the Florida internal platform (Criales et al., 2007).
Brackish waters associated with the Mackenzie Plume and Yukon coast, which particularly attract subadult bowheads in some years, are known to have concentrations of the copepod Limnocalanus macrurus (Walkusz et al, 2010) and mysids (Mysis oculata) (Bradstreet and Fissel, 1987).
In 'Bio-Invasions and Bio-Fixes: Mysis Shrimp Introductions in the Twentieth Century', Leif Frederikson deals with issues of fish stocking, river health and the unintended consequences of species introduction.
Among the meroplankton, mollusk and crustacean larvae (nauplii, mysis, zoea and phyllosoma) showed the highest abundances (Fig.
Shrimp then mature into mysis. There are three stages of mysis development during which shrimp grow from about 1/8 of an inch to 1/5 of an inch.
Fall diets of alewife, rainbow smelt, and slimy sculpin in the profundal zone of southern Lake Ontario during 1994-2005 with an emphasis on occurrence of Mysis relicta.