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 (no͞o′mə-nəs, nyo͞o′-)
1. Of or relating to a numen; supernatural.
2. Filled with or characterized by a sense of a supernatural presence: a numinous place.
3. Spiritually elevated; sublime.

[From Latin nūmen, nūmin-, numen.]

nu′mi·nos′i·ty (-nŏs′ĭ-tē) n.


1. denoting, being, or relating to a numen; divine
2. arousing spiritual or religious emotions
3. mysterious or awe-inspiring
[C17: from Latin numin-, numen + -ous]


(ˈnu mə nəs, ˈnyu-)

1. of, pertaining to, or like a numen; spiritual or supernatural.
2. surpassing comprehension or understanding; mysterious.
3. arousing one's elevated feelings of duty, honor, loyalty, etc.
[1640–50; < Latin nūmin- (s. of nūmen) numen]
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Adj.1.numinous - evincing the presence of a deity; "a numinous wood"; "the most numinous moment in the Mass"
sacred - concerned with religion or religious purposes; "sacred texts"; "sacred rites"; "sacred music"
2.numinous - of or relating to or characteristic of a numen


adjective (Formal) holy, religious, heavenly, spiritual, divine, mysterious, supernatural, awe-inspiring the most natural and numinous of human passions


Of or concerned with the spirit rather than the body or material things:
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politics, recreating Jerusalem: Trito-Isaiah's vision for the reconstruction of the city, practicing pluralism: re-conceptualizing Introduction to World Religions courses as a vehicle for inter-cultural competence, substitution awe: science fiction cinema and the computer-generated Mysterium Tremendum, and a heart to understand: Deuteronomy 29:23 and the recognition of the divine.
The Knabe experiences what Rudolf Otto describes as the mysterium tremendum et fascinans that mystics experience in encounters with the numinous: "Es kann zu dem demutigen Erzittern und Verstummender Kreatur werden vor dem--ja wovor?
A sense of wonder is akin to a sense of the holy, which one theologian (German Lutheran Rudolf Otto) calls the mysterium tremendum.
Abraham's faith was sorely tested on the mountain; his inimitable trust in God, his unquestioning obedience resulted in his being blessed abundantly Peter, James and John's experience was at once thrilling and terrifying, a true mysterium tremendum et fascinans.
Este negro nas tuas esculturas recorda tambem o numinoso, o mysterium tremendum etfascinans, nomeado por Rudolf Otto.
La portentosa vastedad de su horizonte intelectual, iluminado por la permanente alianza de rigor y belleza, abarca desde el arte precolombino hasta la poesia de Matsuo Basho; del analisis critico de la Revolucion Mexicana y del sistema politico que surgio de ella, a la condena de los excesos del capitalismo; de la exaltacion del erotismo tantrico, a la reflexion sobre la fraternidad humana; del ensayo literario, a la critica de arte; del analisis sobre el significado de ser mexicano, al mysterium tremendum de la metafora y la creacion poetica.
In Tree of Life, Malick successfully deployed the abstract and the sublime as a means of stimulating a sense of the mysterium tremendum in audiences which were not tone-deaf to such a frequency.
Rejecting the idea of the numinous and its characteristics of mysterium tremendum set forth by Rudolf Otto in his seminal work The Idea of the Holy and elaborated on by Devendra P.
However, the fundamental concern of black religion is twofold: first, the people's relationship with the transcendent (the mysterium tremendum etfacinans), and, second, their search for holiness and wholeness.
Ricoeur says that the heart's finitude experiences awe as a mysterium tremendum etfascinans:
Reisner detects a "rational discomfort" at the mysterium tremendum of the deity in Psalm 114 and a vacillation in the "Nativity Ode" between a desire to aspire to prophecy and ultimately only a pretence "to soar.
consummate place in the mysterium tremendum is in no way diminished.