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Noun1.legendary creature - a monster that is unverifiable but popularly accepted as possibly factuallegendary creature - a monster that is unverifiable but popularly accepted as possibly factual
abominable snowman, yeti - a large hairy humanoid creature said to live in the Himalayas
doppelganger - a ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart
sea serpent - huge creature of the sea resembling a snake or dragon
mythical creature, mythical monster - a monster renowned in folklore and myth
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I was very much interested in her account of the Wieroo, which up to this time I had considered a purely mythological creature; but Ajor shuddered so at even the veriest mention of the name that I was loath to press the subject upon her, and so the Wieroo still remained a mystery to me.
The supermodel and actress stars in Amazon drama Carnival Row set in a Victorian fantasy world filled with mythological creatures whose lands were invaded by humans.
Cara plays refugee fairy Vignette Stonemoss in Carnival Row, a fantasy drama set in a world where mythological creatures have been driven from their homes by humans.
For years, there have been various claims which include animals like birds, rabbits and even mythological creatures like the sasquatch once existing on Mars.
"We just pick up souvenirs wherever our travels take us." Jun and Menchu are the heads of their own respective businesses (the bosses of bosses, the buck stops with them), but today they are charming empty-nesters, a lovely couple excitedly talking to us about their collection of artworks (from Filipino conceptual artist Norberto Roldan to French steampunk sculptor Pierre Matter), religious figures (statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary), chess sets (with themes such as animals, Christmas, Indian mythological creatures), pictures with Pope John Paul II, as well as Terminator T2 T-800 Endoskeleton busts and full-blown statues.
Synopsis: There exists a secret and highly illegal trade in mythological creatures and their artifacts.
And the Elemental Creatures, a set of mythological creatures come to life, present Spider-Man with a foe on a scale he has never seen before.
'Pinading,' 'Gatui' and 'Lampong' are mythological creatures in Igorot culture which now star in their own comic book, Gayang (spear), courtesy of a local art group that launched their publication here on Saturday (June 22).
The issue of silenced women in myth and history has also expanded from human women in literature to mythological creatures of the female gender and/or sex.
In this novel, Mara Coson centers on the Filipinos' mundane way of life post-history, in the heydays of radio broadcasts, mythological creatures with fourteen teeth, and headless chickens.
Ireland is extremely well-known across the globe for its mythological creatures and liquid exports, but there is so much more waiting to be discovered on that piece of land between here and the US.
Gone are the sculptures depicting mythological creatures and the UAE's architectural marvels.